Instant payday loans may be able to help you work round a short-term cash flow problem or enable you to take advantage of a special offer that’s too good to miss.

These instant payday loans are typically –

*for small amounts of money of perhaps $500, though larger sums may be available in some types of circumstances

**borrowed for a short period of time, typically until your next payday, which could be a few days or a couple of weeks away

***paid back in one instalment which includes agreed charges and interest (charged according to the number of days you have the loan)

****available for whatever purpose you wish, so you could have an overdue bill, your car may need emergency repairs or perhaps you just fancy treating yourself and your family to a special meal out

To be eligible you should be resident, over 18 (or 21) and in a job that has predictable pay dates.

You may also need to be the owner of a bank account, which has a debit card attached.

Then, when it is repayment time – typically your next payday or possibly the one after that, a debit card transaction takes the agreed amount automatically. You don’t have to remember to do anything or make arrangements.

A credit check will be carried out but the nature of these loans may mean that less rigid criteria are used. This could mean that your application for an instant payday loan may be accepted, even if you have a less than perfect credit record.

Assuming everything is ok and your application is accepted, then a fast fund transfer can have the loan in your account in as little as a couple of hours. If your bank cannot accept these fast transfers, you may have to wait until the next working day, which is still pretty fast in the scheme of things.

Instant payday loans can allow you to settle that bill, grab that bargain, or book that holiday, at your convenience, rather than someone else’s.