It has become increasingly common for people in the USA to be searching for credit. All types of people attempt to get credit and for a variety of reasons. Some people make the mistake of getting the wrong type of credit and this can lead to larger repayments over a not so ideal period of time. So what types of credit are there and which one is for you?

– A secured loan
A secured $2000-3000 loan is a loan secured against a valuable asset e.g a house in order to gain a reduced rate of interest. These are used for larger sums of money and are repaid over long periods of time, usually 5 year or more. These are relatively easy to get for homeowners with a good credit rating however no one is guaranteed approval.

– A credit card with a high limit
A credit card with a high limit is tempting for most people with financial difficulties. If you have a good credit rating you could qualify for ones of these however if not used correctly it could see your credit rating take a big hit. People who enjoy spending have been known to max out large balances in minutes with online shopping now easier then ever.

– A credit card for people with a low credit rating
These credit cards are easy to get approved for and you can see yourself having extra cash available within a week or two. The problem with these is the high interest rates charged, sometimes 85%! Also, the minimum payments are so low that you can easily find yourself searching for your second one within a few months as you have got all the use out of the first one and have no way of paying it back.

– A payday loan
A payday loan’s main use is a quick solution to waiting until payday, a helping hand to your short term cash flow problem in the form of a bank transfer of the amount you need. If used properly, a pay day loan can act as a vital lifeline when you are in need or even as a friend you can rely to have cash when you need it. If you need a relatively low amount of cash quickly, then a payday loan is for you or repaid installment loans. I deal around Summer Holidays as it allows you to get those presents in even if your pay date falls just after Holidays.


Until fairly recently, if you had past debt problems then getting a loan of however small an amount of money, may have been next to impossible. Things have changed though and cash advances from payday loan providers can now offer a real alternative, if you need a short-term cash flow injection to get you through a particularly bad month.

A credit check will typically still be carried out. Because of the shorter durations of payday loans and the smaller amounts of money involved, lenders can be a bit more relaxed about their acceptance criteria, so you may find your application being approved even if you have had financial issues in the past.

So how to go about getting payday loan cash advances?

Apply for payday loans online

If you are over 18, live in the USA and have a job that has regular paydays, then you may be eligible to apply for a payday cash advance.

You may also need to be looking to borrow an amount that makes sense in terms of your ability to repay the whole loan in one instalment.

When you select the amount you’d like to borrow, you’ll typically see how much in interest and charges will be added to the loan, so you can see exactly how much you’ll be expected to repay on your next payday.

You may also need to have an active bank account which has a debit card attached.

The short online application can be completed very quickly and a decision, following the fast credit check, may be almost instantaneous.

Funds available

If your application is successful, then the funds can be automatically transferred to your bank account. If you have a bank that can accept fast transfers, the money could be there in as little as two hours, otherwise you may have to wait until the next working day.


On your chosen date the loan repayment plus any interest and fees is typically taken from your bank account as a debit card transfer – and this happens automatically. This allows the loan to be closed off and you are free to apply again if the need arises.

Sums available

Cash advances are typically for smallish amounts of money that can be easily accommodated from one payday, for example $300. Up to $1000 may be available under certain circumstances.

Sometimes you may be faced with a situation where you need to spend some money but don’t really have any to spare until you next get paid. If waiting for a few days or a week or so is not really an option, then a fast cash loan may provide a solution.

Budgeting carefully from month to month is something that quite a few people these days have some experience of.

No matter how carefully you do this though, there are going to be some months where the little extra you may allocate for emergencies just isn’t going to be enough.

In any of the following situations you may find that a fast cash loan, which you can pay back when you next get paid, may provide a simple solution that means that you can deal with what you need to and get your problem resolved quickly.

Potential uses for a payday loan can include:

– your pet falls ill or just needs top up vaccinations and a trip to the vet is needed – where even if you are in and out in 20 minutes, there may still be a significant bill to settle
– your car which is critical to your daily routine, may have a flat tyre and needs a replacement or perhaps it has failed its MOT and needs some work
– your freezer may have given up the ghost and you need a replacement quickly before the contents defrost
– one of your kids may have come home with some item of their school uniform, or shoes, or sports kit etc, ruined beyond repair and needs a replacement
– you have budgeted to pay a certain bill but when it finally arrives you realise that you have seriously underestimated just how much it would be

Fast cash payday loans can provide a solution for problems like these in a very short period of time.

Because payday loans can be completed entirely online and typically involve no paperwork, the whole process from application, credit check and release of funds to your bank account, can take just a few of hours.

Using a fast cash loan in situations like these can allow you to deal with the situation quickly and get on with other more important things.

Instant payday loans may be able to help you work round a short-term cash flow problem or enable you to take advantage of a special offer that’s too good to miss.

These instant payday loans are typically –

*for small amounts of money of perhaps $500, though larger sums may be available in some types of circumstances

**borrowed for a short period of time, typically until your next payday, which could be a few days or a couple of weeks away

***paid back in one instalment which includes agreed charges and interest (charged according to the number of days you have the loan)

****available for whatever purpose you wish, so you could have an overdue bill, your car may need emergency repairs or perhaps you just fancy treating yourself and your family to a special meal out

To be eligible you should be resident, over 18 (or 21) and in a job that has predictable pay dates.

You may also need to be the owner of a bank account, which has a debit card attached.

Then, when it is repayment time – typically your next payday or possibly the one after that, a debit card transaction takes the agreed amount automatically. You don’t have to remember to do anything or make arrangements.

A credit check will be carried out but the nature of these loans may mean that less rigid criteria are used. This could mean that your application for an instant payday loan may be accepted, even if you have a less than perfect credit record.

Assuming everything is ok and your application is accepted, then a fast fund transfer can have the loan in your account in as little as a couple of hours. If your bank cannot accept these fast transfers, you may have to wait until the next working day, which is still pretty fast in the scheme of things.

Instant payday loans can allow you to settle that bill, grab that bargain, or book that holiday, at your convenience, rather than someone else’s.